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It’s a beautiful word often used in different contexts. You can hold someone in a warm embrace. Equally, we can embrace an idea or suggestion. What does it actually mean?

According to the Cambridge dictionary:to embrace is to accept something enthusiastically.In an interview with Antachi’s owner, Angela Tatenda - she described what Embrace meant to her.

 I’ve had to learn how to embrace who I am, where I come from, and everything about my heritage. There was a time I was embarrassed to wear traditional African clothing. Growing up In England most of the time I was either the only black person around or one of the few. I wanted to fit in so badly. I knew I couldn’t change the colour of my skin but the one thing I had control over was the clothes I wore. I’ve had to learn how to embrace other cultures without despising my own.”

Sometimes society can make us feel that the things that make us who we are, is something we should be embarrassed about. Our culture, our heritage, where we are from and groups which you belong to.

Understanding that as a human being you are a product of everything that you love and that makes you, you!Learning to embrace who you are, flaws and all isn't easy. It takes courage,It takes bravery, and it takes you to remind yourself daily that “though I’m not perfect, I am who I am, and I love myself that way”.

 Embracing is also relevant to embracing the journey you are on. Oftentimes it’s easy to concentrate on what everyone else is doing without remembering that you are on your path for a reason. You are placed in the season you are in, and though it may feel like others are so far ahead of you and doing so much better than you, remember that you are on your journey and your path. This is your story, embrace it.

 So, whether this is a reminder, or a first lesson and a first step into accepting yourself, your culture, your journey, your flaws and all, let it be a lifestyle.


 Author: Tadi Kativhu https://tadikativhu.com



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